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Sales funnel header

I realized this clickable banner to stimulate sales in the Smartwares Group B2B webshop.

User generated content tool sales funnel

Via Google Analytics and heat maps, it was observed that many users stuck with “popular products” on the website. I then introduced the UGC tool: a visually attractive way to display popular products on the homepage and stimulate sales by making it clickable through a direct shop button.

Withlocals – Startup

Here I layed the foundation for user interfaces for a startup called Withlocals. This is a travel platform between locals and travelers. I was responsible for the steps from wireframes to mockups to prototyping.

SOOOH – Web application

At SOOOH (Suurland Outdoor – display – Out Of Home) there was a need to set up a web application in which the customer could purchase, format and schedule display advertising. For this need I’ve set up the user interface.

Sneaker illustration

Dinnx App UI

For Dinnx I was responsible for the creation of mockups of the user interface of an app.

Sneaker illustration
Sneaker illustration